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Dr. Ana Nacvalovaite joins Sustainable Investments'  Advisory Board

Muscat, Oman – January 7, 2023

It gives the team at SI great pleasure to welcome Dr. Ana Nacvalovaite to our advisory board.

Ana specializes in working with sovereign wealth funds to enhance social and environmental sustainability. She is a Research Fellow at Oxford University, Kellogg College Centre for Mutual & Co-owned Business, where her work focuses on investigating engagement of stakeholders in ESG and SDGs to further implementation of sustainable finance internationally.

Ana’s work highlights the importance of conversing with governments, private sector, and academic community to encourage collaborating on positive and imminent changes coming out from standing united on finding solutions that are global, inclusive, and manageable.

Amongst other projects in sustainable finance, Ana serves as an expert advisor to the British Standards Institution on the Committee of Experts on Sustainable Finance, working on ‘Sustainable Finance Framework’. Having participated in drafting and reviewing of International Standards on Green Instruments, she is now raising awareness of the importance of a ‘just transition’, and the role of sustainable finance required to support the ‘S’ in ESG.


Dr. Ana Nacvalovaite

Ana holds a doctoral degree from Oxford University, centred around ethical business and investment practices with research based on regulation, sustainability, and transparency of investments of sovereign wealth funds.

Today Ana continues to work with business leaders, governments, and international organisations to integrate sustainability and best practice for inclusivity and diversity into their corporate processes. This includes mentoring internal teams and developing communications to support initiatives, building relationships, facilitating workshops, and advising how to integrate ESG best practice into corporate processes, whilst working with internal teams to drive sustainability initiatives that support diplomacy, culture, respect, and importance of looking after the next generations within the global community.

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