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Rehab Faiq Al Lawati

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The Finance Gal

With almost 20 years of experience in investment and finance, Rehab is a seasoned expert in the field. She boasts exceptional skills in private equity and has established partnerships with investors on a local, regional, and international scale.

As a home-grown prodigy in investments, Rehab is a rare and accomplished individual, being one of the youngest Omani women to hold a C-level position in an infrastructure fund backed by a sovereign wealth fund since 2019.

Rehab serves as an inspiring role model for young women in the region, embodying a passion for environmental sustainability and responsible resource management. Currently, she is leading multiple initiatives to make ESG investing a priority in Oman and the surrounding region.

With a drive to bring cutting-edge technologies to Oman, Rehab strives to make the nation a regional success story in economic diversification strategies. Her ultimate goal is to leave behind a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem for future generations.

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