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VERTURE is a European group of companies working since 2012 on sustainable development and promoting sustainability with a focus on global business development through synergies, by developing the project framework and facilitating collaboration, providing systems integration for complete solutions, supporting project implementation, brand establishment and marketing, and communication campaigning.


It is comprised by four legal entities, each specialized on a field of activity related to an aspect of sustainability with an international clientele as follows:

  • Truenique Ltd, established in 2012 (Cyprus) is a company that provides consulting services on sustainable development, new technologies and materials, sustainable investment and finance, and project management.

  • BabylonGardens, established in 2018 (France) focuses on sustainable and resilient urban environment. It holds two patents on sustainable buildings materials, and collaborates with global leaders on energy efficient solutions.

  • Meridiano Abstrato, established in 2019 (Portugal) works on innovative technologies and policies especially for the marine environment and the Blue Economy, and works with global leaders on blue economy technologies in fisheries, pollution control, and marine literacy.

  • Green Deal PC is the newest addition to the group. Established in 2020 (Greece) it focuses on sustainable development policies, decarbonization, renewable energy, and has taken over all aspects - including the IP - of the verImpact tool for ESG and Sustainable Finance and Investment.

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